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by Simona Hardy 13 April 2018

Food procurement is a highly volatile commodity market. There are several reasons why food prices rise and fall, which include economic (exchange rates), legal (new legislation), the cost of raw materials (fuel, packaging), increased global demand for certain products (meat, dairy), weather conditions – just to name a few. Furthermore, buying products outside of an agreed list and being charged the wrong price are additional problems that will impact your budget/profit margin. Not many organisations have the dedicated resources, time and specialist food market knowledge to manage supplier price negotiations, check invoice prices line by line and monitor contract compliance.

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Easter 2018

by Matt Ferris 29 March 2018

Our offices will be closed from 5:30pm on Thursday 29th March, re-opening at 9am Tuesday 3rd April. During that time Pi support...

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The Government calorie-reduction programme: What are caterers and food operators being asked to do?

by Anna-Maria Holt 26 March 2018

On 6 March 2018, the Government also published programme Calorie reduction: The scope and ambition for action, asking food industry to reduce calories by 20% in products consumed by families, particularly children under 18 years by 2024. Many caterers have been working on reducing sugar, salt, fat and calories in meal options for some time now. However, there is still more to be done according to Public Health England and all food organisations are encouraged to start to work now on reducing the calorie content of every day foods.

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