Outsourced Procurement Tools and Services

Our wide range of procurement tools and services deliver significant cost saving, operational efficiencies and provide organisation with total purchasing control.

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  • Allergen legislation 13/12/2014
  • Rest assured
  • Our procurement managers are CIPS qualified professionals.
  • Our tools and expertise enable you to become a purchasing expert.
  • We are totally impartial. We always work for you, not the supplier.
  • You have the right to audit everything we do for you.
  • We listen to your needs and tailor our services for you.
  • Cloud access to your purchasing data 24/7 from any device.
  • We make sure you get the right product, at the right time, at the right price.
  • We generate savings and operational efficiencies for you.
  • Get compliant with our FREE and easy to use system -
  • Our procurement managers are CIPS qualified professionals.

What our customers say

  • The Clink Restaurant

    The Clink Charity operates the Clink Restaurant at HMP High Down, HMP Cardiff and HMP Brixton in partnership with Her Majesty’s Prison Service. The Clink Charity aims to open 10 more restaurants by 2017.

  • Greensleeves Homes Trust - Residential & Nursing Care Homes

    Greensleeves Homes Trust is a highly innovative provider of care for older people, with residential & nursing care homes across the Midlands, Southern and Eastern England.

  • Mytime Active - Sports Venues

    Mytime Active is a social enterprise and charity that operates over 20 sports and community-based venues and 19 golf centres.

  • Riddlesdown Collegiate - Academy

    Riddlesdown Collegiate is a secondary school with academy status located in Croydon. Riddlesdown is a coeducational school, of 1902 students, the largest school in Croydon in terms of pupil numbers.

  • Middletons Steakhouse & Grill

    Middletons Steakhouse & Grill has restaurants in Norfolk, Norwich and Milton Keynes that have been individually designed and offer a contemporary modern feel.

  • Moreton Hall - Independent School

    Moreton Hall is one of the UK’s highest achieving independent schools, educating girls from age 3-18 and boys from 3-11.

  • The Great Little Pub Company

    The Great Little Pub Company is a group of pubs, The Raglan Pub & Kitchen in Wokingham, The George Inn in Old Oxted and The Fox Inn in Rudgwick. All designed to provide a unique offering to their surroundings and community.

  • St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School

    St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School in Slough is the only co-educational Catholic Grammar School in the country.

  • Loughborough Endowed Schools

    The Loughborough Endowed Schools is a charitable foundation of independent schools. The schools enjoy a very high reputation for their academic, cultural and sporting achievements.

  • Citylodge Hotels

    The Citylodge is a chain of hotels based in Alton, Andover, Salisbury, Yeovil and Bournemouth - offering great value accommodation.

  • Baxters International Food Company

    "Although consistency of product is of the utmost importance to us as a group, price is also a major factor, so the 15% and 18% savings we made with Pelican on food-and-drink and non-food items respectively makes a sizeable difference to our bottom line."

    Michael Moir,
    Head of Retail
    Baxters International Food Company

  • Birmingham City Council

    "The impact and transformation of the way we purchase and manage our food contracts has been impressive. Not only has our joint working with Pelican delivered better pricing and higher standards, it has also generated a significant number of process improvements"

    Nigel Kletz,
    Assistant Director of Corporate Procurement Services
    Birmingham City Council

  • Newcastle-under-Lyme School

    It was so refreshing to deal with a team that delivered the results in a measured, well thought through and extremely professional manner. The fact that the tender process will help us to achieve some very significant reductions in cost was simply the icing on the cake."

    J P Longdon,
    Newcastle-under-Lyme School

  • Beds & Bars

    "Pelican tendered for our food supply and came back with huge savings for the company. We’re a large group, but quite simply, Pelican’s buying power and expertise is better than ours."

    Ian Dempster,
    Retail Development Manager
    Beds & Bars

  • Bradford Grammar School

    "I was thrilled with the 15% savings achieved on our dry and frozen categories. What I really like about Pelican is that they ensure we’re continually getting the best value throughout the whole duration of the contract."

    Ian Findlay,
    Bradford Grammar School

  • Greensleeves Homes Trust

    "We have appointed Pelican to manage our food procurement. Working with Pelican is just better business practice as far as I am concerned, and already they are delivering real value to our organisation."

    Geoff Almond,
    Financial Controller
    Greensleeves Homes Trust

  • Fulneck School

    "I was impressed with Pelican’s professional approach and the savings they delivered on our food purchases. Making sure we get the best value at all times is very time consuming, so Pelican’s expertise is crucial to us."

    Gavin Blackstone,
    Fulneck School

  • Swire Hotels UK

    "There are a number of advantages of working with Pelican. For me, it’s the knowledge that we are getting the best price we possibly can, with high levels of account management support, backed-up by the centralised reporting."

    Jonathan Dawson,
    Operations Director
    Swire Hotels UK

  • Gloucestershire College

    Before we would get 500 supplier invoices a month so without Pelican’s invoice payment system our workload would be 50% higher. We'd need extra clerks, so it really saves us money!"

    Karen Hulatt,
    Finance Office Manager
    Gloucestershire College

  • The King's School, Canterbury

    "I cannot thank the Pelican team enough for helping us make substantial savings. - I have not had to raise my food budget for 5 years and this is due to all the hard work that went into the initial fixed term contracts and continuous negotiations on our behalf, through Pelican."

    Andy Snook,
    Head of Catering
    The King's School, Canterbury

  • Northumberland College

    "By using Pelican’s managed pricing services we have not only saved 10% on our wholesale purchases but we have also gained great peace of mind, as Pelican is monitoring our prices at all times. We simply do not have the resources to employ a procurement professional or the time to check every single invoice line to ensure that we are not being overcharged. Pelican now does all that work for us."

    Carol Welch,
    Finance Controller
    Northumberland College

  • Nottingham High School

    "We have also received lots of credit notes since using the Pelican invoice checking system. The time that would previously have been spent checking this manually is now saved and the majority of the overcharging would not have been detected by a manual check so we have achieved a significant saving in both time and money."

    Paul Dunwell,
    Operations Manager
    Nottingham High School

Outsourcing Food Supplier and Wholesaler Procurement

What we do

What we do Services

What we do Cloud-based Tools & Systems

  • Tailored to your individual needs

    Our wide range of procurement tools and services deliver significant cost saving, operational efficiencies and provide organisation with total purchasing control.


    Cloud-based Tools & Systems

  • Formal Tendering Service

    Achieving significant cost savings
    • Our tendering service is managed by our CIPS qualified experts, who adhere to EU standards.
    • We provide a thoroughly planned and professionally implemented tendering process that offers a consistent and fair approach to achieving significant savings.
    • We manage all aspects of the formal tendering process leaving you to concentrate on your core business:
      • Pre-Tender Interview
      • Mobilisation stage
      • Post-Tender Management

    Craig Senior, Group Food and Beverage Manager of Mytime Active

    Margaret Wood MIH, Head of Catering, Loughborough

  • Price Management

    Controlling the price of every product you buy
    • We ensure that you always pay a competitive price for all your purchases. Our market knowledge and extensive product-pricing database enable us to ensure you are getting the most competitive pricing.
    • We advise you of opportunities to save money by switching brands or changing pack sizes
    • We provide you with a weighted shopping basket that clearly shows the impact of price reviews on your costs and ensure that any price rises are challenged and fair.

    Greg Sergeant, Managing Director of The Great Little Pub Company

  • Supply Chain Management

    Ensuring suppliers perform for your business
    • We develop bespoke service-level agreements that cover all your business needs.
    • We monitor KPIs and rectify supply problems.
    • We conduct supplier review meetings to ensure the contract enhances your business operation.

    Steve Hutton, Managing Director of Middleton's Steakhouse & Grill

    Chris Moore, Chief Executive of The Clink Restaurants

  • Nutrition & Allergen Expertise

    Meeting Nutrition & Allergen Requirements

    Our qualified team of nutrition experts offer a comprehensive range of services and training to ensure your organisation and your staff:

    • Comply with the allergen labelling legislation (EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation 1169/2011).
    • Meet industry standards with regards to nutrition legislation.
    • Develop recipes and menus to meet your customers’ cultural and dietary needs.
    • Offer menus with full nutritional breakdown, including calorie information.

    We provide comprehensive range of services.

    Take FREE online allergen training course.

    Get compliant with our FREE and easy to use system - Piranha™.

  • Commercial Equipment Expertise

    Get the right equipment for your operation

    Our commercial equipment specialists have over 30 years of industry expertise and offer a totally impartial advice and completely transparent service.

    We work with you every step of the way to:

    • Provide you with FREE impartial expert advice
    • Source the right products at the best value
    • Create plans and designs
    • Assist with delivery & installation
    • Provide full aftercare support

    Click to download guide.

  • Invoice Price Checking -
    Purchasing Intelligence™ (Pi™)

    Making sure you are paying the correct prices
    • Our system automatically checks all your invoices against your agreed contracted price.
    • Credit note requests are raised automatically for any overcharges.
    • Our system saves you time and allows your staff to focus 100% on your core business activities, rather than manually checking invoices and chasing suppliers for credits.
  • Supplier Invoice Payment

    Reducing your invoice processing time and costs

    Our cloud-based supplier invoice management system enables you to:

    • Consolidate your supplier invoices into one simple statement.
    • Access your supplier invoices and credits at any time, anywhere.
    • Print or download your statements, invoices and credits
    • Reconcile your invoices and export them directly into your accounting system

    Chris Moore, Chief Executive of The Clink Restaurants

    Craig Senior, Group Food and Beverage Manager of Mytime Active

    Find out more about our Purchasing Intelligence™ system

  • Stock Management Solutions -
    Purchasing Intelligence™ (Pi™)

    Achieving fast stock valuation
    Stock auditing partner...

    Our Stock management systems enable you to create multiple store locations and build stock sheets which represent your actual business operation.

    Using your invoice line data, our system automatically builds and maintains your stock sheets for you, adding any new products that you have purchased.

    Accurate real-time stock management reports help ensure that all ordered products can be tracked and compared with both product consumption and budget.

    Find out more about our Purchasing Intelligence™ system

  • Purchase to Pay System - Cleartrade™

    Gaining complete control over your purchasing
    • Quick and easy to use, our fully automated purchase to pay system enables you to process orders to multiple suppliers from a single point.
    • Our system provides you with complete transparency and total control over your purchasing – from the moment you place an order, right through to the receipt of an invoice.
    • Your purchasing will be fully auditable and reportable.

    Click to download guide.

  • Online Ordering - Cherry Pi™

    Placing your orders effortlessly

    Our online ordering system offers you a very easy and fast way to place orders with your suppliers online.

    The system is very flexible, you can use it when you wish alongside other ways of ordering goods from your suppliers.

    You can find products in seconds and tailor your product list so staff can only order approved items.

  • Compliance Monitoring -
    Purchasing Intelligence™ (Pi™)

    Measuring purchasing discipline

    Our system tracks your contract compliance levels, by identifying products that have been purchased outside of the agreed product list.

    Where appropriate, we negotiate the best pricing for new products and add them to your contract list.

    Meikan Perumall explains the importance of Compliance Monitoring and Purchasing Discipline

  • Dynamic Purchasing Reports -
    Purchasing Intelligence™ (Pi™)

    Gaining visibility and control over your purchasing

    With our purchasing system you can log in and see exactly what you and your team are buying.

    The system’s smart technology allows you to easily analyse your purchasing history and habits by units, by supplier, by category or even at product level.

    You can see detailed and insightful purchasing reports in graph or data format.

    Greg Sergeant, Managing Director of The Great Little Pub Company

    Steve Hutton, Managing Director of Middleton's Steakhouse & Grill

    Find out more about our Purchasing Intelligence™ system

  • Allergens, Nutrition and Menu costing

    Strip menu costs and access allergen & nutritional data with Piranha™

    Our FREE online system, enables you to:

    • Comply with the new allergen legislation. The system enables you to access allergen data for ingredients you use in your menu items. This information is taken directly from suppliers and is updated automatically.
    • Quickly cost menu items. The system uses your live purchasing invoice data so an accurate cost can be calculated for every portion you make.
    • Track, control and monitor menu costs in real-time. Understand exactly how much each dish is costing and what profit your are making. You can then ‘engineer’ you menu item to improve margins to achieve your desired GP.
    • Standardise dishes across the whole organisation. You can build your menu items, add details of how each is made and even include a photo of the finished dish.

Pelican Buying Group, Experts in Outsourcing and Procurement

Who we are

  • Hospitality, Education & Healthcare

    Whatever your sector, we understand your challenges and have the experience, services and tools to add value to your business.

  • Big or Small

    Whether your purchasing spend is £100k or £20m, we have the expertise to deliver significant savings and back office process efficiencies.

  • Est. 1989

    From humble beginnings, we now lead the way in procurement services and continue to develop, evolve and adapt to the ever-changing market place.

  • High Professional Standards

    Our procurement experts are qualified and maintain membership of Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, adhering to EU procurement law and professional practice.

  • Our greatest asset

    Recognising that it is our people who drive our success, we actively strive to maintain an environment that encourages all employees to add to their skills, contribute to the future of the business and achieve their potential.

    Learn more about our team

  • Professional. Impartial. Transparent.

    Pelican was built on three fundamental values. We are professional in the work we do. Impartial in how we evaluate and treat suppliers. Transparent in allowing our customers to audit the work we do for them.

  • Proud to support charity

    We are a longstanding supporter and corporate partner to Shooting Star Chase, a local children’s hospice caring for young people with life-limiting conditions and their families. We have made a pledge to donate 4% of our annual profits and to date we have donated over £100,000.

  • Industry partners

    Over the past 25 years Pelican has formed professional relationships with a number of organizations. We are proud to foster these relationships.

  • Suppliers

    Over the years, we have linked our systems with a number of suppliers as a response to our customers' requirements.

    View suppliers

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